Testimonials from customers ❤️
  • Elena Mikhailova
    Family photographer. Website
    I was with Stas on a photo tour on Lake Baikal.
    And I am happy to meet such a person!
    Stas is a true professional in his field.
    He showed us all the tricks of landscape photography, as well as the most beautiful places of Lake Baikal.
    The tour was organized at the highest level - safe, comfortable routes, chic models and preparation.
    Despite the harsh Baikal climate in winter, everything was very comfortable.
    Both I and the whole group were very satisfied with the time spent!
    They were filled with new knowledge and took wonderful shots.
  • Helga Yankavtseva
    Family and travel photographer
    The first time I got to Stas during a winter trip to Lake Baikal.
    That time were a lot of photo sessions with models on the tour, and we did not have time to work on the landscape. And I decided to come again in May for an individual photo tour. To say that it was useful is to say nothing. He took a responsible approach to all aspects: route, safety during the melting of the ice, the search for seals and beautiful places. He shared all the knowledge about the setting of the frame, the settings that should catch in landscape photography. I am a children's photographer and used to shoot a lot of portraits, so landscape shooting was like from scratch for me. I am very grateful to Stas for his experience and knowledge. Now I use his advices on all trips, and I am happy to share my pictures.
  • Alla Pinskaya
    Traveller, photographer
    Stas, thank you for such an incredible experience and a fantastic result. It was very interesting and cool to communicate with you, learn from you, travel for 2 weeks on the roads and without the roads of Mongolia. Thank you for your patience and willingness to answer all questions about photography and technology. Only a true professional is not afraid to reveal the secrets of mastery and share them.
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