My story

I started doing photography as a child, and at that time I was shooting with a film camera. My dad and I went to beautiful Lake Baikal, and I felt in love landscapes. Photography has been my hobby for a long time, but I really wanted to do photography professionally. In 2010, I opened my own photo studio. Why a studio? Actually at that time I did not understand how could I make money from nature photography. Yes, I didn't shoot landscapes in the studio, but it was still a photograph, and I really liked it. My main goal was to create a high-quality portfolio. Gradually my professional level grew, I began to cooperate with magazines, modeling agencies. One day two photographers came to my studio and asked me to conduct a master class of studio shooting for them. So I started to teach. My love for nature has not gone away, and since about 2017 I have been completely switched to shooting nature. Instead of teaching studio photography, I began to organise photo workshops to Baikal lake. Foreign photographers started coming to me. Gradually I got carried away with shooting videos, and created several nature videos. I participated with them in film festivals, where they earned quite high marks. And this led me to cooperate with well-known movie companies and movie directors.
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