Photo expedition in Gobi desert, Mongolia.
August 4-17, 2023. (14 days)
Why the expedition is so unique?
The most beautiful and unique places of the Gobi Desert are away from the popular tour routes. These are almost unvisited places, because of the difficult and long road. Most of them are even not marked on maps. Yes, you will be shaken a little on the difficult Mongolian roads. But when you see these fabulous palaces and labyrinths of red sand with your own eyes, you will forget about everything. You will say - it worth it. Many compare it to the famous Petra in Jordan or The Great canyon in USA. This is a great chance to take amazing and rare photos, as not many photographers have been here.
Important info
Please pay attention to this item to avoid un unexpected surprises for you.

1) Tent conditions. We will be setting up our tent camp in 4 locations. Participation of all members of the group is necessary to be in time for sunsets at the next location. It would be good you have already had the experience of tent camping. We have a cook who will cook meals for us. But sometimes we all help him together. We use a large and comfortable tent-kitchen, where the whole company will gather at the table, and our chef will cook. Chairs, and all necessary utensils are provided. Please consider this if you are ready for this conditions. Also we will live for 2 nights in a Ger yurt camping, where we will be fed with traditional Mongolian meals.

2) The level of difficulty of the expedition is average. The entire route from Ulaanbaatar takes 2800 km, of which gravel roads are 1000 km. We will live close to the spots so you do not need to walk on foot far away, not more 1-2 km from the camp.
We stay in Ulaanbaatar hotels. Keep in mind that Mongolian hotels are somewhat specific, often something is broken... Actually it does not really depend on the level of the hotel. Fortunately, this is compensated by the high hospitality of the Mongols.

3) This is a PHOTO expedition, and the itinerary and route is designed for photographers. However, your professional level is not important at all. You may be a guy who bought a camera yesterday. You may even use a phone instead of a camera. Our main goal is the creation unique and beautiful photos. Having 10 years of teaching experience, I will help to beginner photographers with camera settings, composition, special shooting techniques - focus stacking, panoramas, mobile photography, night shooting, etc... We have moonless nights on tour, so we will shoot the starry sky.

In addition to landscape photography, you will get acquainted with the traditional life and cuisine of the Mongols, which have not changed over several centuries. This is like a journey to another world, like a time machine.
Arriving day.
Arrival to Ulaanbaatar (Airport Code ULN, we call it short UB). You’ll be met by our drivers and transferred to hotel.
1-2 Day. Colorful mountains Tsagaan Suvarga.
After shooting the sunrise and breakfast, we leave for the second location - Tsagaan Suvarga colored canyons, a distance of 300 km, of which gravel is 120 km. Upon arrival, we set up a tent camp, shoot the sunset, have dinner. This area is not as huge as the previous one, so one sunrise and sunset is enough to walk around and shoot all spots.
3-4 Day. Khongoryn Els sand dunes.
After shooting and breakfast, we leave for the famous Hongoryn-Els sands, lunch at a roadside cafe on the way. The distance is 360 km, of which the gravel 115 km., where we will settle in a comfortable Ger camping. These are traditional Mongolian yurts, which have 4 beds each. Then an evening shoot on the sands. The height of the biggest sand dunes is up to 300 meters! That long sandy tongue stretches between mountain ranges for a distance of more than 100 km! The combination of dunes in the foreground and mountain ranges in the background looks very beautiful. It would be good to have a telephoto lens of at least 200 mm. It will allow you to get interesting graphic frames, due to perspective compression. We will spend the next day to shooting, photography training and having a rest. We will take some camels for shooting, they will work for us as models in the sand dunes.
5 Day. Mountain range Khanyn Khats
After shooting the sunrise on the sands and breakfast, we leave. The distance is 115 km., and only gravel. From here we will visit almost untouched places. But at the same time, there are the most amazing, unusual and unique locations. This mountain range, looks like ridge of a giant dinosaur. The variety of branches inside it resembles mazes. Even if you have seen many mountains and rocks, these will surprise you with a variety of shapes and textures.
6-7 Day. Canyon Nemegt
After shooting the sunrise, we leave for the stunning Nemegt canyons. Distance 110 km, gravel road. They are formed from sandstones, which are created by rare rains. It looks great both from above and inside. We will spend 7th day to shooting, photography training and recreation.
8-9 Day. Canyon Khermen Tsav
The most remote and majestic location on our way is the Khermen-Tsav Canyon. People are speechless from what they see. It is compared to the great American Grand Canyon. The area is very huge, it occupies tens of kilometers. We will set up our camp near the best shooting points in a beautiful green oasis. A lot of birds, hares, lizards and funny hedgehogs will be our neighbors. We will spend three nights here to take the best pictures. We will also be doing night shooting. Good geo-location, clean air, and cloudless sky allow to take wonderful night pictures with Milky Way. If you are a beginner photographer, and do not know how to do it, I will help you.
10-12 Day. Back to Ulaanbaatar
The way quite long and takes 2 full days. We will go by another direct road, without visiting and stops at locations. We will arrange an overnight stay in our tents in the steppe, because there are no campsites there. In the evening of the 12th day we will check into a hotel in Ulaanbaatar.
13 Day. Statue of Genghis Khan, walking in Ulaanbaatar.
After breakfast in the cafe we go to the statue of Genghis Khan. About 50 km from the city. It is the world's largest statue of a horseman. Inside the building there is an interesting museum dedicated to the era of Genghis Khan's conquests, and a souvenir shop. There is a special upstairs to go up to the special place on the horse's head. You can take selfies with the great Khan. After returning to Ulaanbaatar, we stop at a shopping center where you can buy souvenirs, gifts, for example, products made of real Mongolian cashmere.
14 Day. Return to airport.
Our bus will take you to UB airport (code ULN). You can select any flight this day, a private transfer will be arranged this day and included in the tour.
Extra info
Schedules and routes can be changed depending on the weather.

What to take with you
• medications you are taking
• there is a lot of dust in the desert, people with breathing problems (asthma) are recommended to have their own means (immobilizer)

Photo equipment:
• camera with 2-3 spare batteries
• tripod
• I advise to have lenses from 14 to 200 mm (or 400 mm)
• polarizing filter
• gradient filters (optional)
• a set for cleaning optics, because there is a lot of sand and dust
• photo bagpack

The climate is sharply continental. At this time, the temperature in the northern part of the Gobi is 20-23 C during the day, 8-12 C at night. In the southern part of the Gobi it can be very hot, during the day up to +40 C, at night +25-30 C. It is recommended to have:
• trekking shoes, sneakers
• thermal underwear
• fleece jacket
• windproof jacket
• light clothing - shorts, t-shirts, sandals
• a cap from the sun
• flashlight.

Included in the price:
- Double bed hotel rooms, a tour camp /All accommodations/
- Transportation: Toyota 4x4 vans
- Drivers
- Photography Guide (organizer)
- National park fees
- Meals
- Beverages: Juice, water
- Backstage photography
- Power supply 220 V
Not included in the price:
- Medical insurance
- Alcoholic beverages
- Visa
- Single supplement ( for $US 350 )

The cost of the expedition is 3300 US
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